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Environmental Management

Hanchang Paper strives to protect the environment
and to enhance wellness of our customers.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Energy savings

  • Improve energy efficiency by implementing high efficiency equipments
  • Participate in smart grid business, Save energy by reducing the use of fuel

Air and water management

  • Manage the facility under 70% emission allowance, which is stricter than legal standard
  • Introduce optimal air/water pollution prevention facilities, and prevent potential risk factors

Greenhouse gas reduction

  • Implement the protocols of greenhouse gas reduction program for each process

Hazardous material management

  • Research to replace hazardous materials with nonhazardous ones
  • Regular inspection of toxic substance control systems/equipments and strengthen employees' level of handling hazardous material and accident prevention through education and training

Waste management

  • Practice thorough recycling & garbage separation
  • Endeavor to reduce waste emission and to improve the resource recovery rate

Eco friendly products development

Development of eco-friendly food containers

  • Development and supply of various food containers such as cups and soup bowls with eco-friendly biodegradable raw materials and technologies(PLA, PE Free, etc.)

Brand launched by Hanchang Paper specialized in ceo-friendly food containers

Acquired multiple environmental certifiacrions such as BPI and DIN

Development of eco-friendly industrial packaging paper board

(tentative name)

Excellent recyclability and compostable PE Free board.

Acquired multiple environmental certifications such as European OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL, UL 2485 etc.

Awarded the 15th Korea Packaging Competition(corporate part)


Development of ECO Board using eco-friendly raw materials for FSC-certified pulp and non-wood pulp (straw, bamboo, etc.)